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Grace In A Nutshell...

Hi, I'm Grace!

I am a cake decorator, baker, recipe developer, content creator, nutrition science student, and collegiate athlete from Wisconsin.  I have had many years of experience with creativity in the kitchen, whether it be cooking, baking, cake decorating, food photography, and much more!  There was never really a point in my life where I realized that I REALLY love cooking.  I guess I've just always loved every aspect of it. (Yes, even the mess!)  I started this blog Grace's Messy Kitchen because, for a long time, people have been asking me how I do what I do or for a recipe of something I've made. Be on the look out for both healthy and deliciously sweet recipes (and everything in between)!  I hope to inspire others to create what they love and to share my culinary adventures and creations with everyone.  I hope all of you enjoy cooking up these recipes as much as I do!                         

What Have I Been Up To?

Taking Orders

In addition to creating recipes, I do cake + baked good orders in the Waunakee/Madison, Wisconsin area! I love creating custom treats for any occasion.  Cupcakes, tiered cakes, brownies, decorated cookies, bars, pastries, and more-- you name it and I'll bake it! If you're in the area, fill out my order form on the Place and Order  page!


Since 2019, this website has been used to share recipes I've created! All of them are near and dear to my heart.  These recipes are original, unique, and delicious!  Each one has a different origin story, and some have evolved over time.  On most of my recipes, I spare you the irrelevant details and get straight to the point!


Lifting + Fitness

As a Nutrition Science major and a college athlete, I have to look at my health holistically. I've found that I really enjoy strength training and all the benefits that come with it such as strength, mental toughness, confidence, increased metabolism, and how much it has taught me about the importance of what you eat! Our bodies are so amazing and capable of so much! As for how much I can bench... we don't talk about it lol. ( I wish every day was leg day!). I also like to incorporate cardio after my lifts or on my rest days for my heart health, and its what I've found works for me! 

Farmers Markets

For the past couple years, I've been selling some of my baked goods at the Waunakee, Camp Douglas, and a few other local farmer's markets in the area! I love getting to know my customers, their stories, and get real-time feedback on my treats, recipes, and setup! It's hard work, but it has taught me so much about hard work, planning, money managing, and large-scale food production.  

Nutrition Science

Currently, I am a Nutrition Science/Dietetics student at Viterbo University!  It's a 4 year Bachelor's degree program with an additional 1 year to get my Master's degree. There is so much I want to do with this degree and plan on focusing on Foodservice and Community Outreach specifically! I am currently starting my Sophomore year as of Fall 2023 and am so excited to learn a lot this year!  I plan on applying what I learn in the recipes I develop and the orders I make for clients.

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