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I'm a recipe developer,  nutrition science student, collegiate athlete, and baker/cake decorator from Madison, WI!  I've always had a passion for food and I'm so excited to share my recipes and creations, and stuff I learn along the way with you! :)


Here at Grace's Messy Kitchen, I want to help you find the joys in every part of that balance. Time's precious so follow along as I give you the in and outs of my world in a straightforward way.

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Did Someone Say High Protein + Healthy Recipes? Calling All Gym Rats

Y'all, as a nutrition science major I got the tips and tricks to a healthy well balanced diet... and yes that includes boatloads of high protein and recipes. I've been lifting for 4 years,  and have learned a lot along the way. Follow along to learn with me, try out my recipes and get a sneak peak into eating for taste and nutrients.


A Lil Something For the Sweet Tooth

Both the big and the little wins deserve to be celebrated. I've ran my baking business and food-oriented Instagram page for 5 years, serving hundreds of clients as well as frequenting  selling at the Waunakee, Camp Douglas farmers market. I'd love to share my experience with you and make those wins all the more special.


Cook'in Up a Storm

Nothing gets me going like a tasty homecooked meal. Catch me cooking up healthy meals on a college student budget. Trust me, it's possible to eat healthy and tasty without the pricey roasted asparagus. Expand your menu with my simple, straight to the point recipes.

Need Something Sweet?

Taking orders in the Madison and Waunakee Area!


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